New regulation for Saudi Arabia regarding dangerous substances (substance bans)

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SASO hat am 9.Juli 2021 eine neue technische Regualtion veröffentlicht:

TR No. MA-179-21-09-01 “Technical Regulation for Restriction of hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment


The limit values required there for the following substances:

  • Lead – 0.1%;
  • Mercury – 0.1%;
  • Cadmium – 0.01%;
  • Hexavalent chromium – 0.1%;
  • Polybrominated biphenyls (PBBs) – 0.1%; other
  • Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers (PBDEs) – 0.1%;

must be complied with from January 5, 2022.

This date applies to new products that are brought onto the market.

There is still a transition period for products that are already on the market, after which these products must also comply with the new regulations or may no longer be brought onto the market in Saudi Arabia.

The check for compliance with the limit values must be carried out in a laboratory recognized by SASO and accredited according to ISO 17025 and a corresponding certificate must be obtained.

The regulation applies to almost all devices that are used in normal households.

In Appendix 2-b a list of products based on the first 4 digits of the customs tariff numbers is added:

Annex (2-b) List of Products and Customs Coding
Customs coding Product
8402 boilers for the generation of water and other vapors (except for central heating hot water boilers which are also capable of
producing low pressure steam); rated water boilers
8403 Central heating boilers
8404 Boiler auxiliary devices (eg, economizers, super-heaters, soot
removers, gas recoverers) and steam condensers
8414 Air and vacuum pumps
8415 Air conditioner
8418 Refrigerators and Freezers
8421 Equipment for washing, cleaning and drying pots
8422 Devices for washing, cleaning and drying bottles
8423 Weighing devices, adjusting devices and other units of
measurement related to weight
8435 Presses and Mashers
8443 Equipment used for printing or photocopying and telephone (fax)
8443 Equipment used for printing by plates or cylinders
8450 Domestic washing and drying equipment
8451 Machines for washing, cleaning, spinning, drying or pressing (including hot-hold presses)
8452 sewing devices
8456 Machine tools for working any material by removal of material,
by laser or other light or photon beam, ultrasonic, electro-discharge, electro-chemical, electron beam, ionic-heam or plasma
are processes.
8459 Machine tools (including slide actuators) for drilling or adjusting
8460 Machine tools for trimming, honing, honing, smoothing, sanding or other processing for working metal or cermet
8461 Mechanized tools for wiping, leveling, splitting, hammering, cutting, sharpening, preparing gear teeth, sawing, separating, and
other mechanical tools.
8467 Hand tools, pneumatic, hydraulically driven, with integrated
electric motor or with non-electric motor
8468 Welding machines and apparatus, whether or not capable of cutting
8470 Calculators with arithmetic functions, stamping and stamping
ticketing machines
8471 machines for self-processing of information and their units;
Magnetic or optical readers
8472 Other office machinery and equipment (for example, hectographs or stenciling machines, address printers, and automated teller machines)
8473 Parts and accessories (other than covers, transport boxes and the
like) for office equipment
8475 Assembly devices for electrical or electronic lamps, tubes, or
8476 Automated (automated) merchandise vending machines (for example, vending machines for postage, cigarettes, food or drinks), including currency exchange machines
8479 Automated devices with a self-contained function
8481 Appliances for pipes, boilers, tanks and similar vessels, including pressure-reducing valves and thermostat-controlled valves.
8504 Electrical transformers and static (electrostatic) modulators
8505 Electromagnets
8506 Primary cells and primary cell groups (batteries)
8507 Electrical accumulators (groups), including their dividers, whether or not rectangular (including square)
8508 vacuum cleaners
8509 Electric mechanical appliances for home use with a built-in electric motor
8510 Shavers, hair clippers and hair removal devices, with built-in
electric motor
8512 Electrical appliances for lighting or signaling, and electrical
appliances for wiping, defrosting, and removing condensate
8513 portable light bulbs,
8514 electric ovens
8516 instantaneous water heaters and thermoelectric appliances for
space or soil heating or similar uses; electric heat styling appliances (eg, dryers, curlers, heated curling tongs) and hand dryers; electric irons
8517 Phones
8518 Audio announcers (microphones)
8519 Sound recording or broadcasting equipment
8521 Image and sound recording and broadcasting equipment (video)
8523 Disks, tapes, permanent hard storage devices
8525 Broadcasting (radio) or video broadcasting (television) transmitters
8526 Radar and radio navigation guidance equipment and radio remote
guidance equipment
8527 Radio receivers
8530 Electrical devices for signaling or safety and control
8531 Electrical devices for sound or visual alerts
8532 Electric capacitors, fixed, variable or adjustable
8533 Non-thermal electrical resistors
8535 Electrical devices for connecting, disconnecting, protecting or
dividing electrical circuits
8536 Electrical devices for connecting, disconnecting, protecting or dividing electrical circuits, electrical shock absorbers, electrical
socket connections, sockets (plugs) and lamp bases
8539 light bulbs
8540 Electronic valves and tubes
8541 diodes, transistors and similar semiconductor devices; Photosensitive semiconductor devices
8542 integrated electronic circuits
8544 Insulated wires and cables
8548 (Batteries) and electric savings
9010 Photographic equipment and devices
9013 Laser devices, other than laser diodes; Optical instruments and
9015 Surveying devices and tools
9016 sensitive scales
9017 Electronic Length Measurement Tools
9025 Density meters and instruments Thermometers (thermometers and pyrometers) and barometers Hygrometers (hygrometers and
9026 Apparatus and instruments for measuring, checking and controlling flow, altitude, pressure, or other variables in liquids
or gases
9027 Apparatus and instruments for measuring or testing the degree of
viscosity, porosity or expansion
9028 Supply or production meters for gases, liquids or electricity, including their calibration devices
9029 Counters, turn counters, production counters, taximeters,
odometers, linear odometers and the like
9030 Instruments for measuring rapid changes in electric quantities or “acyloscopes”, spectrometers, and other apparatus and
instruments for measuring or controlling electric quantities
9031 Apparatus, tools and instruments for measuring or inspecting
9032 Devices and tools for self-regulation or self-monitoring and
9102 Wristwatches, pocket watches and similar watches, including period measuring watches,
9103 Working clocks and alarms, with several clock movements
9107 Timing switches and other apparatus with a watchmaking gear, or with a synchronous motor.
9108 Several watch movements, complete and assembled
9109 Wristwatches, pocket watches and similar watches, including
period measuring watches,
9405 Lighting devices and lighting supplies
Note: The products and customs tariffs (HS Codes) found in Saber electronic platform are considered the updated and approved version.

All products listed here are subject to the new regulations.

Use my more than 30 years of expertise in the TIC market (testing, inspection, certification) to meet these requirements for your products in good time.

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