Update regarding UCKA Mark – shift of the date from which the marking becomes mandatory

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The following text was published on the website of the British government on the course of Brexit on August 24th, 2021:

All goods which previously required the CE marking will not need to use the UKCA marking until 1 January 2023 

Businesses are encouraged to be ready for full implementation of the new UK regime as soon as possible. However, to allow businesses time to adjust, CE marked goods in scope of this guidance that meet EU requirements (where these match UK requirements) can continue to be placed on the GB market until 1 January 2023 where EU and UK requirements remain the same. This includes goods which have been assessed by an EU recognized notified body.

 The UKCA mark must be used for placing goods on the GB market from 1 January 2023.

 You will still need to take action to ensure you comply with new importer responsibilities if you are placing a product on the GB market from the EU market.

Source: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/placing-manufactured-goods-on-the-market-in-great-britain

Based on that Information, all products with CE marking will continue to be marketable in the UK until December 31, 2022 without the UKCA mark having to be applied.
This is good news for all manufacturers in the EU (outside the UK)!

But be careful!

This statement only applies if the requirements in the UK are identical to those in the EU.
The manufacturer is therefore obliged to check beforehand whether the requirements for his product are identical before he continues to bring his products to the UK market with CE marking (without UKCA mark).

Use my over 30 years of expertise in the TIC market (testing, inspection, certification) to research this statement for your electrotechnical product.

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Please note that I do not take responsibility that the information provided in the newsletter is fully provided for all electrotechnical products and for all countries. Also, despite careful research, I cannot guarantee that the information provided via the newsletter is actually correct (the responsibility for the content of the messages is usually borne by the countries publishing an information themselves).

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