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Dear customers,
Dear customers,

here you can subscribe to my newsletter.

The newsletter provides you with an update on approval procedures in the various countries at regular intervals. Among other things, you will be provided with unedited summaries of reports submitted by countries to WHO.

In the case of important reports, I allow myself to submit my own comments. These are then marked accordingly.

In addition, I write articles at irregular intervals on topics relating to product testing and international certification, which are also made available via the newsletter.


Please note that I do not take responsibility that the information provided in the newsletter is fully provided for all electrotechnical products and for all countries. Also, despite careful research, I cannot guarantee that the information provided via the newsletter is actually correct (the responsibility for the content of the messages is usually borne by the countries publishing an information themselves). The information is generally provided in English, but other languages may be used (these are not translated). In this respect, I exclude any liability for damages that result or could result from the use of the information in my newsletter.

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