Market access research

What is market access research?

The principle

As soon as a customer wants to bring a product onto the market, he has to think about the markets in which this product is to be sold and what market access conditions exist for his product there.

The key question here is whether such a product is subject to mandatory certification in a selected target country and which certificates may need to be obtained.
However, there are not only questions about the certification requirement, because in many countries there are further mandatory information on products such as energy efficiency labels, compliance with requirements regarding harmful substances (RoHS) and also the so-called “food contact safety” for components of electrotechnical products which are intended to come in contact with food.

In addition, it is important to know already during the development phase of a product which so-called national deviations from internationally recognized standards, such as the IEC standards, exist for the product. This is the only way to avoid expensive redesign or having to replace components in the event of a later market expansion.

A market access research can answer all of these questions.

The method

The usual procedure for a market access research consists of the following simple steps:

  1. Make an inquiry through my contact form
  2. Have a free initial consultation with me; I will contact you at short notice after your request and use your details in the contact form to prepare for the conversation
  3. Project discussion regarding the scope of the market access research
  4. Determination of the scope as the basis for the offer for the market access research
  5. Sending the offer
  6. Ordering the market access research by the customer
  7. Processing of the commissioned scope by me with regular updates of the course of the market access research as agreed in accordance with the order
  8. Provision of the results of the market access research as agreed upon in accordance with the order
  9. Completion of the project

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